Monday, May 26, 2008

How do I know it's summer?

I have been blessed with an extremely talented husband. Dan established COOK UNDERGROUND, INC. (landscaping and irrigation business) over 12 years ago, and he has SUCCESSFULLY maintained it over the years. Because he spends his WINTERS doing laundry, making dinner, and reading at Barnes & Noble, here is how I KNOW IT’S SUMMER: (every year, it takes a little getting used to!)
  • Every week, by Friday, there is a LARGE pile of laundry in the laundry room. ALL of the laundry smells like DIRT and GRASS.
  • The Cook Fam eats at TACO BELL more than they should.
  • Even though the bathtub was just cleaned, (by a cleaning lady), there is a dirt ring around the tub, from all of the dirt that washes off of my husband’s body every day.
  • As I walk in the bathroom, I see Dan’s socks in the garbage instead of the laundry hamper, due to the fact that SHREDDED HARDWOOD BARK does not “wash out” of socks.
  • I attend most family functions with 3 kids, ALONE, as he is unable to show up, because he has to “Make Hay While The Sun Shines”.
  • The Harley becomes something REALLY PRETTY to LOOK AT instead of something REALLY COOL to RIDE, as together time is hard to come by.
  • When I hold his hand in church, he has dirty fingernails and calluses, that won’t come clean until November.
  • The pile of bills on the desk becomes smaller.
Thank you Lord for SUNSHINE!

How do you know when it’s SUMMER?


Pete Wilson said...

The pool opens up and my kids start taking long naps afterwards :)

Anonymous said...

*When its finally quiet in the morning!
*I don't have to listen to Jess yell "WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!" at me every morning when I call down to her to wake her up.
*I don't have to make sure laundry is done the night before so she can't wake up the next morning and say "I have NOTHING to wear!!" (when she really has a whole dresser FULL of clothes she can wear~!)
* I don't have to grocery shop as much since there are no lunches to make.
* I don't have to have dinner ready EVERY nite...we can have "Fend for yourself" nights! ;)
*And last but CERTAINLY not least...After driving for 3 hours everyday, and 1/2 of the roads are dirt, and so dusty , you have a LAYER of dust on you...or its so humid out you can't breathe, and the A.C. in your car does no good since you have to have your windows down all the time...I can come home and lounge in the pool and read my latest book. ;)