Thursday, May 22, 2008

Coupon Receipts

The other day I was grocery shopping, the checkout woman handed me my receipt, and then said – “Wait, hold on – you forgot your COUPON RECEIPTS” – (What? Are you kidding me? You think I need MORE receipts to keep in my wallet? Besides, If I ALWAYS buy JIF peanut butter, why would I want a coupon for SKIPPY?)

I said, “Look, no offense, but I don’t want those.”

She said, “Well you've got a ton of them, what should I do with them?”

I said, “I don’t care, you could, well....let’s say..... – THROW THEM AWAY? ” (I am a genius)

She said, “You’re sure you don’t want them?”

I said, “Yes!!!”

So she looks at me and says, “but, you got quite a few good ones here!” (As the lady behind me in line is looking at me like I’m an IDIOT for not taking them.)

FINALLY – she says to the lady behind me in line, “Do you want these?” - The lady looks at me like it is HER LUCKY DAY!! Are you kidding me???

Do people actually SAVE MONEY with those things ?
Am I in the minority here ?
Don’t you just bring them home, and store them in the GIANT receipt box – marked 2008 ?
For real, maybe I live in a dream world ?
Seriously – who has time to cut them all apart ?
Then, do you actually remember to bring them back to the store ?
Please let me know if I’m alone on this.


SoulTattoo said...

K - Most of the time, I am with you but I have gotten Cash off next order a couple of times, like $2.00 or $3.00 off anything, and also gas coupon - so, maybe not worth the "hassle" of reaching out and picking them up and shoving them in your purse but sometimes good - Mostly crap though :)

Bonjernoor said...

I'm totally with you! When I do actually keep them, then they pile up in my purse and then get thrown away because by the time I remember to use them they are expired!

Mara said...

Actually, I'm like the lady who was behind you. =) Last time I got a bunch of those, there was one for a completely free box of Fizzix yogurt (that Elijah had been asking me to get), and one for free Hannah Montana hair clips, among the other couple bucks off stuff. But it does take some time and organization to use them - otherwise they do end up stacking up on my counter. Since I stay at home though, I do coupons like it's my job, and make our money go I just get a thrill out of it.

~Kristie~ said...

MARA - Yippee! I will now save all of them to give to you!! I'm so excited, because now they won't just take up space in my RECEIPTS box!!

Grandma KIM said...

Like I showed you daughter.....the newest coupon that Meijers is giving out is the "Save $5 off your next purchase over $75" is a GREAT one! I just stick it in my wallet (so I don't forget to use it the next time I do BIG grocery shopping) One time I forgot to give it to the gal till after I was finished checking out and she said, "That's OK..... I'll just give you $5 CASH. ( to Starbucks and get a mocha!) Works for me!