Thursday, May 29, 2008

How do you know you're addicted to blogging? (PART 1)

How do you know you're addicted to blogging?

1. You analyze everything in your life - every conversation, every photo-op, etc - asking "HOW can I blog about this?"

2. You bribe your dog with pepperoni, so he will lay BACK IN the middle of the pile of socks, in order to get the perfect picture for
because he ALWAYS lays in the middle, but for some reason, when you went to get the camera, he moved to the edge of the pile of socks.

3. You have SO MUCH to do in the next 2 weeks, that you barely have time to eat. Yet, you wake up everyday at 5:30 am to make sure you have time to read all your friends BLOGS.


SoulTattoo said...

No kidding!!! You got me started on this Sista, Who cares... I am off Starbucks for now so I guess I can be addicted to Blogging for a while (less calories!) I love it, I wish everyone I knew did one so I could read them all - You ROCK! Can't wait til Saturday's event - Even though I am laying in bed sick right now! Yuck! ~Tirza

~Kristie~ said...

T -
Dude! I must've gotten you sick - I had it on Saturday! SORRY!
PS: What the heck do you mean - YOU'RE OFF STARBUCKS? That was a joke, right?

Paul and Jackie said...

You do a much better job keeping the blogging up than most of us. I have a whole bunch of pics and things to blog about, but haven't made the time to do anything about it! :)