Wednesday, May 7, 2008


This is a weird post for me, as I usually always have something funny to say. But - I guess I’m just not in a funny mood.

I don’t make friends very easily. No - for real, like, it’s HARD for me to be a “friend”, and to accept a “friend” in return.

I’m fine with it, though.

Or at least, I thought I was.

Until recently, when I thought about how maybe God wasn’t fine with it.

Yes, for like 15 years God has blessed me with my BEST FRIEND, you know what I mean – You feel SAD, you call him – You feel EXCITED, you call him – You feel MAD, you call him (and take it out on him) – You feel WEIRD, he knows why – You feel SPECIAL, because of him. You get the picture….

But, what about the other types of friends?

What about the brand new friend - that you’ve actually known for years, but didn’t really “KNOW”. You know, one day God decides - I think she would be a good friend for Kristie. Next thing I know, it’s one of the hardest times of my professional life, and I’m crying at my desk - not because I’m sad – because I’m blessed by an encouraging email I received from my new friend. One that came RIGHT AT THE EXACT MOMENT it needed to, telling me all the good things about myself, giving me the strength to make it through the day.

What about the friend that you have at work? The one that shares her armor with you in the WAR ZONE, as you TOGETHER try to dodge random LAND MINES. The one that gives you a look, as she walks past your desk, that says, “Hang I there, I know we work in a ‘ONE FLEW OVER THE COO COOS NEST’ ENVIRONMENT, but if you can’t make it today, I will be there for you, and if I can’t make it through the day, you will be there for me – and we will both survive the day” – and all she did was look at you. The one that you respect her opinion more than your own, you tell her everything at work, yet, you don’t spend nearly enough time with her outside of work – talking about NON-WORK stuff.

What about the “friends” that are actually friends with your husband? Now, I’ve always been the type to “hang with the guys” – surprise, surprise. Even when I was little, I always hung out with the boys. But, what about those friends that I don’t even realize are guys, because if I had something important to say, they would LISTEN and they would CARE. (I was gonna say - that they LISTEN and CARE like a WOMAN would – but, I decided not to ☺) The kind of friend that knows you’re in a bad mood, but looks at you anyway, isn’t afraid to talk to you, and happens to know the right thing to say.

What about the friends that come with “fellowship” at church? I haven’t had that in my life before. Where you see people once a week that ask you “How was your week?” – and they really want to hear your RESPONSE. Where Sunday becomes about ENCOURAGEMENT, and not about sleeping-in and yard work. Where every SUNDAY NIGHT becomes about fellowship, friendship, laughter and fun.

Dear God, I am thankful for the friends that you have blessed me with. I am thankful for allowing me to realize that I need FRIENDS in my life that encourage and love me – otherwise I may not make it here on earth. Dear God, I ask that when you build my house in heaven, maybe you could put a lot of houses around it, so all my friends could live by me – and we would be able to worship you TOGETHER. (Besides, Elias will need us to ‘keep the rhythm’ for him, as I imagine we will all be clapping to the music……….)


Paul and Jackie said...

I think if many of us were honest, we would say that we totally feel the same way you do. My problem has been more that I just don't make time for friends. I hope you can accept long distance friends, too, because I sure could use one, too!!!! :)


Pete Wilson said...

Great post. I think you are right on. We are always saying at church that community is the place where sustained life change happens. I know that has been true for our family.