Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My highschool sweetheart

I married my best friend.
I married my soulmate.
I married my love for life.

I also married my highschool sweetheart.
With that comes extra-special STUFF.

Tonight I had to retrieve an object out of the crawlspace. As I climbed out from under the house, some small baskets caught my eye.
Tyler - "Mom, what is that stuff, why are you taking all that out of the crawlspace."
Me - "These are all the love letters your dad wrote to me."
Tyler - "How long ago?"
Me - "A very long time ago."

Because I am feeling sentimental, I thought I would share part of one.


It's been a while since I wrote you, and I'm gonna write you now and tell you how much ... I love you.....Infinity....Infinity.....Infinity....Kristie, there is so many dreams I have for you and I, Katie, and whoever else might be part of our family by then. (It would be nice to have a little boy, but either will do)!
I think about what kind of house we will have. Will it have a nice yard with a playground, for our beautiful kids? Will we have a couple dogs that will run in a creek and play in the back yard? Will we have a fireplace to sit in front of and warm our feet or drink from our wine glasses? Well, Kristie, I know for a fact that any dream you or I have will come true, because between the two of us, we can, will and do - do anything. Because with the love we both have for each other, we have what it takes to do anything we want.............

Thank you Lord, for giving me a husband that has always believed in 'US'. And who is dedicated to making sure 'US' is always following our dreams.


Paul and Jackie said...


Aunt Juge said...

You guys are so sweet! Sad to say , but love like that rarely stands the test of time anymore. Its nice to know its still out there! :) It gives all of "us" something to believe in and reminds us to have faith! :)

Grandma KIM said...

This one left my eyes filled with tears.......so long ago, so much in front of you and your family, and now living your beautiful dreams as a family.

Now THAT'S Love

Mara said...

That brought tears to my eyes! that's beautiful!!