Friday, June 5, 2009


Tradition means what?
Well to different people, it means different things.

To me it kinda means - you do the same thing you did last year, even if you didn't like it, because - it's tradition. To me, maintaining the "tradition" itself is more important than what I do during the "tradition".

Every year for 10 years, Dan and I help out at the WMAAA field day. It started back when Katie was in Kindergarten. We run the "Over-Under" game. The team stands in a line and one person passes the ball over their head, and the next one passes it under their legs, etc, etc. Let's just say - I LOVE this day every year!! Let's just say, after 10 years, Dan is tired of tradition. This year, we brought a helper - which allowed Dan to sit on the ground most of the time! We broke Katie out of high-school for one day to come back to her OLD stomping grounds and help the students.
Let's just say - Katie and I had a great time!!

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Aunt Juge said...

LOL~I bet Dan had a great time too!

(since he didn't have to participate in the "tradition" this year! ;) )

Good for you Kristie and Katie!!! =)