Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Little Entrepreneur

Tyler is SO excited to be OUT OF SCHOOL and WORKING hard!
He comes home dirty, sweaty, and tired - after 12 hours of working in the dirt.

Dad says he couldn't run the business without him!
(So, Mom convinced him to ask for a raise this week!)

JUNE 10, 2009 - Tyler Cook conducts his very first "Cook Underground" QUOTE for a real customer!!

Interview with dad, before the quote......

Interview with dad, after the quote......

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dan~ I think you need to step aside and let Tyler do the negotiating from now on....(you do the spelling;) )

Tyler ~ I hope you got a heck of a raise this summer! You DESERVE it! =)
If you don't think its enough, start protesting! ;) You've earned it!!

Plus....If you'll do it for $7 an hour....I might just have to hire you to come pull weeds at my house! ;) leave your dad at home ...that way , you get all the money ;)