Saturday, May 2, 2009


For Kristie,
Spring Means...

Soccer, Soccer, Soccer - All the time, every day, non-stop......I have always said: The perfect Spring Day is watching a soccer game without a coat on.

Love, Love, Love - My husband falls in love with GRASS. I literally had a conversation with him last night, where he made this comment - "you just don't understand how important it is to get the sod down on the ground, grass is IMPORTANT". (My comment back - "Do you actually love GRASS more than me?")

Dirt, Dirt, Dirt - Landscapers track in DIRT. I just swept my house, and filled up an entire bathroom garbage can with DIRT. (Landscapers that own LITTLE dogs that dig - not helpful for the DIRT situation)

Questions, Questions, Questions - with no decisions. Why does Spring always bring change? Why is change so hard to accept?

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