Saturday, May 16, 2009

But, he's only 12......

Tyler attended his first "semi-formal" dance last night.
new clothes
new haircut
the flower for the girl

What happened to my little "Ty-Ty" ???

My little "Ty-Ty" wasn't very happy that mom "stuck around" to get photos....

I was glad to see he took a small break from the girls to hang out with his cousin....


Mara said...

holy crap, they're so stinkin' cute! seriously - a-dor-able.
I'm so not ready for all that*le sigh*

KatieCook. (: said...

there sooo cutee. haha. :]
i love you ty ty. :)

Grandma KIM said...

...........God, I'm gettin' old!

My grandsons at a dance with clothes, flowers, girls (mom) and all that stuff........where did the years go?

Love ya Ty and Blare!!!