Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Weird things YOU DON’T KNOW about me

Every time I walk up or down steps – I always count them.
(Up or down
Even the ones in my own house
I know there are 7 in each set
but I re-count them every time I go up or down
in my head
Every day)

I won’t drink my STARBUCKS without a ‘sleeve’ on the cup.
(Ok, maybe I will-
But, I would actually drive
Back through the drivethru
To get a sleeve
If they forgot to give me one)

I cannot finish the chips without the dip – or the dip without the chips.
(Which means I will continue to eat
until everything is even-
I may get up 3 times
To get more food
Just trying to EVEN out the
Ratio of chips to dip)

I make a living as a school secretary – but, I can’t type at all.
(yes, I took typing in highschool
but, was anyone really paying attention to Mr. Carlson?
Or was he just standing in the room for decoration?
Seriously, I can’t type without looking at the keyboard
No, my new boss does not know)


Anonymous said...

LOL @ you! You don't maybe , possibly, have a small case of O.C.D. do you ? ;)
As for typing, I know what you mean! I can type pretty fast as long as I can LOOK at the keyboard. If I can't look at it, forget about it! I couldn't even type my own name without looking at the keyboard! Also, the fact that Mr. Carlson was MY typing teacher and was STILL teaching typing when YOU went through school makes me think he was more so there just for decoration! ;)Come to think of it, I'm not so sure I ever even heard him speak??! ;)

Skot Lokers said...

I hate that with the chips and dip too... so my solution is I usually don't put dip on my plate but just eat it out of the container so that way I can stop whenever I want to.

~Kristie~ said...

Never thought of that, Skot -
Great Idea!
I'm gonna try that.
But then I may just eat the whole container.

~Kristie~ said...

because I had to type a letter yesterday, while my new boss dictated to me - he has now probably figured out that I can't type without looking.

heather ross said...

wow...i am pretty sure mr. carlson has not come up in conversation in 15 years. i don't think i even learned how to type my name (without looking at the keyboard) in his class. my 7 year old has already learned more than i ever did in his class. thanks for the memory! :)