Thursday, October 9, 2008

If home is where the heart is,

then I am HOME when I'm.........

Sitting next to Dan
on the side of a soccer field
in 72 degree weather
watching our future All-State Defensive Sweeper
play the greatest sport invented.

Sitting ‘criss-cross applesauce’ on a hard floor
in the middle of 44 first graders
(who all want to sit next to me)
taking yearbook pictures of an 8 year old
singing on stage at the top of her lungs.

Standing on the stage at MCC
with my shoes OFF, and my eyes closed
singing ‘Here I am Worship’
because, I am ….
and I even know what that means now.

Sitting in a large booth
at a local restaurant
playing the “name things in the ocean” game
with the greatest FAM ever - laughing
when Dan tries to justify that “goldfish” could fit in that category.

Sitting at an outside table of a STARBUCKS store
300 miles from my house
holding hands with my best friend
wearing a motorcycle helmet, and yellow shades
not knowing where we will lay our head that night.

Sitting on my front porch
watching the leaves fall
drinking coffee
while my 2nd best friend
sits at my feet.

ahhhh, love.....


Anonymous said...

You are so lucky ! Most people don't realize how happy the "simple" things in life can make them if they'd just take the time to notice them ;) kiss all the kids for me! (dudley too! ;))

yeager_79 said...

that's beautiful

Rachel said...

this is just lovely! I SO enjoyed reading every word. Thanks for sharing your "home" with us.