Saturday, October 18, 2008


I miss my best friend
(he thinks "shooting ducks" seems funner than "sleeping in")

I smell burnt coffee and fresh air
(I have the screen door open so my 2nd best friend can go in & out)

I hear gun shots outside
(many are hunting all around us)
& the piano playing
(Eyli is practicing, she has lessons on Tuesdays)

I feel the keyboard of a MACBOOK Pro
& a soft robe
(I love the weekend)

I see dirty dishes
(I should wash them)
& chairs all over the living room
(from Bible Study last night - our group is GROWING! Wow, we will need a bigger house soon)

I taste coffee with 2 tablespoons of FRENCH VANILLA creamer & 2 tablespoons of CHOCOLATE creamer
(mixed together)

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