Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, who do you like?

I’m in the “undecided” group.
Mostly because I ignore the issues, and pretend like they aren’t my concern.

I WANT to vote for the one who has the most “yard signs” on my street.
What is the purpose of putting up these little yard signs all over the place?
What about the people that have more than one of the SAME signs in their yard?
Like my husband. (He is NOT in the undecided group with me)
He insists he needs to put 3 signs in the yard instead of just one.
I think it is ridiculous.
But, maybe,
I’ll just drive down the street
Count the yard signs for each candidate
And vote for the one that has the most?

I SHOULD vote for the candidate
That agrees with ME on the hard issues.

I guess I would actually need to know where I stand on those issues first.

I WILL vote for the candidate
That supports keeping my brother as SAFE as possible.

My baby brother enlisted in the US Navy last month.
He leaves for Chicago – boot camp – on October 29th.
He is an honorable man, dedicated to serving his country and family.
We will miss having him around, but we respect his decision and enthusiasm.

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Dan said...

At least you understand that first you need to do your homework. Rather than just voting for someone you know nothing about. Good Job baby....