Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wednesday Worship - 'ROMANS 12 THAT'!!

Wednesday Worship is coming to an end, as I have a clear understanding of what WORSHIP really means.

If you’re interested – Let’s recap:

1. Worship is coming face-to-face with God, as Christians we encounter God with an ‘unveiled face’.
2. Worship happens when we allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, for the purpose of shaping us from ‘Glory to Glory’ in order to be more like Jesus.
3. Worship is not the same for everybody, and often, different people 'experience' worship in different ways.
4. Worshiping in Spirit and in Truth means something different than worshiping in spirit and in truth.
5. If I am truly worshiping, then I am ‘renewing my mind’ by reading God’s Word. And I should look differently than non-Christians, as I should NOT conform to this world.
6. When I am practicing my spiritual giftedness by a measure of Faith that God has given me, I am worshiping.
7. I need to demonstrate biblical love to others. Even the ones I don’t like. Romans 12 says I should bless those who persecute me, and overcome evil with good.

#7 will be the hardest for me. So, I’ve dedicated the next few weeks to re-reading Roman 12 every morning.

I am hoping to drill it into my head.

I’m also hoping that when a difficult situation arises in my life, I remember to think -

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