Friday, April 23, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Week - Week 2

To start, please review -
Pet Peeve of the Week disclaimer –
1. YES, I know that all of you won’t agree with my logical weekly assessments – too bad, don’t read them.
2. YES, I know that there are plenty of things that I do daily that you would like to list out under this heading – too bad, get your own blog.
3. NO, I’m not writing about anybody in particular, so don’t take things so personally if I happen to touch on a subject you don’t agree with. [and if you can’t handle it, you may want to stop reading now… I’m not planning to filter these posts to protect you over-sensitive readers…..ya, you know who you are.]

You see these cars every day. The ones with the bumper stickers that say

Ok, so what are these people really thinking?

1. SO……. I bought this car from my great Aunt Sally, and she had a bumper sticker on the back, and I’m too lazy to scratch it off, so I’ll just leave it on there even though I realize McCain will never be named president…….
2. OR……I am not very fond of our current president, and in fact did NOT want to see him elected, so I will keep my bumper sticker on my car for the rest of my life, so everyone that sees me will know that I do not support the current president regardless of what he does/doesn’t do to help/hinder our country…..
3. OR……What? There’s a bumper sticker on my car? ….hmmm….I guess I didn’t realize that I never took it off after the election was over in 2008…..
4. OR……I am quite certain that McCain WILL run again someday, and will be named President of the United States, and in fact, he will also ONCE AGAIN realize that Palin would be an excellent choice for Vice President, so he will choose her as his running mate, and they will FOR SURE be elected this time around – and my car will be READY!…..

Pet Peeve of the week: People who want other people to know that they are either living in the past or the future, and therefore must spend very little time focusing on the present.

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tandj warber said...

this drives me crazy as well! :)