Friday, April 16, 2010

Pet Peeve of the Week

I decided to start this Pet Peeve of the Week, in hopes that I will actually be able to come up with ONE annoyance per week.
Then, after some thought I laughed.
Yep, this should be NO problem……

To start, please review -
Pet Peeve of the Week disclaimer:
1. YES, I know that all of you won’t agree with my logical weekly assessments – too bad, don’t read them.
2. YES, I know that there are plenty of things that I do daily that you would like to list out under this heading – too bad, get your own blog.
3. NO, I’m not writing about anybody in particular, so don’t take things so personally if I happen to touch on a subject you don’t agree with. [and if you can’t handle it, you may want to stop reading now… I’m not planning to filter these posts to protect you over-sensitive readers…..ya, you know who you are.]

How many times do you hit the “SEND” button in a day? In a world where you almost have to be a better writer than a talker, I probably send close to 75 emails a day, not counting my facebook comments. Ok, so when you people get my emails in your inbox, what actually happens after that?
1- Am I in the “delete hers without reading it” category?
2- Or do you actually skim over it, and then hit delete?
3- Or do you just read it, and leave it sitting there in your inbox, and then talk to me about what it says the next time you see me?
4- Or do you actually open it, read it and reply to it?

If you wanna be a #1 person, fine. Honestly, you people don’t bother me at all, as I already know that you could care less about me.
If you wanna be a #2 person, fine. Honestly, you don’t bother me at all either, as you are pretty much just a nicer, more polished version of the #1 people.
If you wanna be a #4 person, I heart you, as you are just like me.

But, these #3 people – SERIOUSLY.
#3’s, let’s talk.
If I send you an email
and ask you a question
and you don’t reply to it
Yet, then I see you a week later
and you say something similar to …
“Oh, hi, Kristie….ya….got your email last week, ummmm, ya that should work out for us, we’ll be there.” …..
Do I really need to explain why this is ANNOYING?
Talk about a complete waste of YOUR time and MY time.
Why not just hit the little button that is labeled “REPLY” and type the words “Sure, that should work” and then hit the little button that is marked “SEND”.
If you take the time to read your email,
what in the world is so hard about replying to it?

Not to mention that I totally have a wrong impression of you, as I have just spent the last week of my life thinking you were a #1. When in actuality, you weren’t a #1, you were a #3.

Pet Peeve of the Week – People who give other people the wrong impression about themselves.


Kendra said...

LOL. I love it! I think I actually do this at times. You have encouraged me to be a better person...

Anonymous said...

LOL...Way to go girlfriend! You tell 'em! I love it!