Friday, March 5, 2010

FLASHBACK Friday - Daddy

It was June of 1995, and I believe the year and a half that proceeded that night had been understandably the most trying time of our lives. Kaitlyn wore a pretty little dress, and daddy wore a cap and gown. We sat in the LC Walker Arena awaiting the big event; I recall that Kaitlyn wiggled & squiggled, as a high-school graduation ceremony wasn't a typical place for a 1-year old.

I think the principal's exact words were, "Daniel, don't be doing anything crazy, your diploma isn't really in that holder yet...." As most of you know, he is the perfect picture of "class clown", so the adults on that stage were fairly nervous about what he may have had stuffed up his sleeve. Although he entertained MANY ideas (after all he wouldn't want to let anyone down), we were both extremely excited about his final decision.

As the big moment approached, Grandma carried Kaitlyn down to the floor level, and waited for Dan's row to walk up. Right before he walked up the stairs to the stage, she slipped Katie over the short wall into her daddy's arms.

His arms were plenty big enough
to carry
a diploma
a rose
and the love of his life.

Although he was 17, he was plenty old enough to be the best daddy anyone could ever ask for.

Thank you, God
for blessing me
for the past 16 years,
as my children have never needed anything
that their Daddy couldn't give them.


Sarah said...

Kristie, you made me cry! What wonderful parents you and Dan are! Your kids are blessed!

Anonymous said...

LOL....You made me cry too! Start writing the book Kristie!

You two are so lucky to have each other! And what a wonderful family you have! You can see it in all the smiles on your kids faces in every picture! =)

Anonymous said...

p.s....Im glad to see Flashback Friday has came back! I was begining to wonder??? But it was well worth the wait! ;)