Tuesday, February 16, 2010


[Grandpa, beware! You may have never seen this before - so the mere SHOCK of seeing this picture may trigger unusual heart palpitations.]

When your kid who HATES to read
Asks if he can go to Barnes & Noble
And pick out a book

What do you do?

You take him there
And buy him whatever book he wants

And then you sneak a picture for the blog, as you are certain that this day may never come again.......


Aunt Juge said...
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Aunt Juge said...

WOW! I love the fact he's at B & N !
But I love the new haircut more! ;)
(he looks like a "mini marine") ;)

But you have to tell us....what book was SO important to him that he just HAD to go get it???????

David Hulings said...

And on the 8th day He created Starbucks. And it was good. And on the 9th day He created Barnes and Noble, and it was good.

My heart actually jumped a beat. But, wait, my book isn't out until March 2, what did he buy?

I actually have read Tyler's writings and he has what it takes to write. Hopefully he won't wait until he's 55 to get published. Way to go Ty!