Friday, March 20, 2009

Texting, again....

Tyler: "Mom, Aunt Jamie got a new cell number"

Me: "What?? I didn't know that - how do you know?"

Tyler: "She texted me like 3 days ago"

(Me: thinking....hmmm, she didn't text me?)

Tyler: "Wait, I just got to thinking, what if it was a different Jamie"

Me: "What do you mean? How many Jamie's do you know?"

Tyler: "I don't know, I have a TON of contacts"

Me: "Well, read the text to me, then I can tell you if it sounds like it was from Aunt Jamie, or some other Jamie"

Tyler: "MMOOMM! It's probably erased by now - My phone only holds 100 text messages at a time"

Me: "Good Grief! You got 100 text messages in 3 days?"

"MOM! I get like 100 a night"

Me: "Are you kidding me? I have not gotten 100 yet - and I've had my phone for 2 years - what in the world do you have to text 100 messages about EACH NIGHT?"

Tyler: "Want me to read them to you?"

"Can I blog about them?"

Tyler: "I guess."


(I'm not really gonna type all 100, but here's 28)
  1. yoyoyo u k
  2. hay coach this is tyler
  3. my sis just sed s dog just crapet in your driv way
  4. K
  5. No it is gunu be like condishining like runing in jim
  6. No to day but i have soccer praktic at 6:00
  7. lol
  8. ok u do that
  9. ok cool
  10. ok u do that
  11. it was not that sen and hahahaha
  12. ooo
  13. kt who
  14. is this mickalus phone
  15. sup
  16. where
  17. i ternd my self green
  18. i ternd my self green
  19. i am green
  20. :)
  21. bibibibibibibibibi
  22. no
  23. lol
  24. ok idc
  25. cailey proble
  26. what
  27. lol
  28. well
Me: "Ok, I don't get it - What does it mean when you simply text - 'WELL' ??

Tyler: "OOhhh, it's what you say when you don't have anything to say to each other"


yeager_79 said...

holy camoli! I hope you have unlimited texting!!
I'm not ready for the kids to be old enough for all that silliness! I think when they get that old, I'll take a vacation.....when it's longer than a year is it still a "vacation"? Lol!

Anonymous said...

Im laughing so hard Im crying....LOL.....I think my question would have been about 21 instead of 28......what the heck is bibibibibibibibibbibi?!?
Im also amazed ....tell him he spells just like his grampa scheffler used to ....just like it sounds ....LOL

gotta love ya Ty! ;) XOXOXO

Kendra said...

I'm curious about number 21 as well.

Also, I'm not ready for my kids to be teenagers.

~Kristie~ said...

Clarification on #21 - (because I asked him, too) - it is:

bye, bye, bye, bye

As in - I am going to bed now so "bye, bye"


~Kristie~ said...

And for the record, we do have unlimited texting.....

(we barely have electricity in our house, but UNLIMITED TEXTING - OF Course!!!)