Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dilemma of the Day

I went to STARBUCKS for lunch
(no surprise there)
and bought a bagel

What do you do when
you forget to ask for extra cream cheese
and therefore
you have 2 halves
with only enough cream cheese
to adequately spread
on 1 half

Do you:

A - split the cream cheese equally, and have 2 halves with an inadequate amount on each half?


B - spread the entire amount on 1 half, and therefore eat at least one of them with the "right amount" of cream cheese (very enjoyable) - and then proceed to eat the other half plain, to get full?


Anonymous said...

you spread as much as you like on the first half and enjoy. Better to have 1 good half instead of 2 o.k half's. Just my opinion!!

~Kristie~ said...

NO CAPS is back!

I AGREE - I ate one side the way I liked it ;)

Be THERE on SUNDAY! It's a NON-negotiable!

Anonymous said...

Drive back threw and get your extra one! ;) (you should just about own that place by now anyways don't you ? ;) )