Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Katie will start her first season of highschool soccer this Spring. To get her ready for the BIG TIME, she's been playing indoor soccer. This session, Dan has been coaching the girls - and he would probably want you to know that they won their last game 15 to 3.

The entire time Katie is on the field, the other parents laugh at her.

Not because she is a bad player - she actually scored 5 goals in the last game.

You see, Katie is a "yelper", as I call her. EVERY single time the ball comes in her direction, she screams/squeals/yelps/hollars, etc, etc. - "Ooohh" - "Uuuuu" - "Yip" - "OhhhMyy" - "AAhhh" - "Ouch" .

I can't even put it into words.....

I can tell you this- At the last game, a mother that I did not know said this to me:

Her: "Are you Katie's mom?"

Me: "Yes, Hi"

Her: "Hi, your daughter is so funny! At the last game when they let her play goalie, I have never had that much fun at a soccer game in my life. And I have been to ALOT. I was laughing so hard by the time I left here!! She is just a crack-up! Does she always squeal like that?"

Me: "Well I guess I never thought about it, but ya, she has always been a very 'vocal' child........ (to put it lightly)

This is the "We are the PROFESSIONAL coaches" shot.


mandy said...

Sounds like she'd make a great worship leader!

Kendra said...

I want to come to a game? When are the games?