Saturday, February 7, 2009

Because Im really shy....

For those of you DEDICATED readers - so sorry! I need to start blogging more......

Conversation of the week
Characters: Dan and Kristie

Kristie: "I hope that Tyler doesn't get his heart broken by some snotty little girl - he's so nice to people! When he's in high school I may have to shoot someone"

Dan: "That won't happen, he'll be JUST LIKE ME - and he'll have 4 girls ask him out, and he'll say NO, and stay home"

Kristie: "Daniel - why did you stay home?"

Dan: "Because I was really shy around girls"

Kristie: "No, Daniel - why did you stay home?"

Dan: "Because I was really shy around girls - they scared me!"

Kristie: "No, Daniel - you stayed home because you are a homebody and would rather watch Discovery Channel on your couch, then 'go out' - YOU ARE NOT SHY AROUND 'GIRLS' "

Dan: "Yes, I was! I still am - Put me in a room with 5 women - by myself - and I CLAM UP and don't know what to say"

Kristie: laughing so hard there is no response

Dan: "WHAT? - I am SHY!"

Kristie: still continuous laughing

Dan: "I AM...."

Kristie: Still laughing.......(In fact haven't stopped laughing)

For those of you that don't know Dan, this will not be funny to you.
For those of you that have spent ANY TIME in a room with 5 women and DAN - you will still be laughing.


Aunt Juge said...

LOL....Im STILL laughing too!! ;)
Remembering your purse party !!! There was ALOT more than 5 women there that night and he was "so shy" he was helping us all pick out purses and trying them on himself! ;)

SoulTattoo said...

Dan... Are you joking??? That is so not you - Kristie is right! :)