Sunday, February 8, 2009

Facebook Nonsense

If you don't have a facebook page, this probably won't make sense to you - but, it seemed like a fun thing to post - on facebook the "in thing" to do right now is post 25 random things about you...

I finally got my list done, and decided you all may like a good laugh.

  1. I count steps – I live in a house with 2 sets of steps - I already know there are 7 in each set, yet I count them every time I go up or down.
  2. My entire family snowboards – but, I am too afraid of riding up the chairlift to even try it (no comment from you, Adam).
  3. If I won the lottery, the first thing I would buy are enough SMART WOOL socks so Dan and I could wear a BRAND NEW pair every day – forever.
  4. If I won the lottery, the second thing I would buy is an ARTS PERFORMANCE SPACE for the school I work at - and it would be named whatever Carolyn thought it should be named.
  5. Do I really have to think of 25 things?? I’m never going to make it ….
  6. My dream job: Sing on stage as a background vocalist to Aaron Shust – and get paid for it.
  7. I always put my socks on before my pants.
  8. I LOVE using hyphens ------ I wish I could use them all the time!! (I’m not sure – but, I think I do).
  9. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to drink my STARBUCKS without a sleeve on my cup. In fact, I actually carry an extra sleeve around in my car just so I can have a spare, for emergencies.
  10. I’m a sucker for hot-headed, tattooed, bad-boys that ride Harleys, and carry guns. I never would have guessed that woulda happened...
  11. I’m in love with a man that would defend me till death – even if I were dead wrong.
  12. I’m hoping there is at least one type of food in heaven - Grandma’s TACOS.
  13. One thing I learned in 2008 – it’s amazing what can happen when you have a competent boss.
  14. I was afraid of DOGS my entire life – in elementary school, I once stayed on top of the slide in the playground for 3 hours – because I saw a dog across the street (don’t ask me why the teacher never noticed I was gone).
  15. Now, one of my VERY best friends is a DOG.
  16. I make a living for my family as a “secretary” – yet, I can’t type at all - unless I look at the keyboard.
  17. I’m not sure my NEW boss knows about #16 (Let’s keep it that way).
  18. For real, who made up this stupid “you need 25 things”??? Probably someone that had nothing to do except think about all the “cool” things about them self.
  19. I secretly hate the kinda people mentioned in #18.
  20. I cannot finish the chips without the dip – or finish the dip without the chips. (which means I keep getting up to get more chips or dip to make the RATIO even – and therefore, eat too much).
  21. There are only about 3 people in my group of “friends” that will actually read this entire list – most of them stopped reading before they got to #21 – therefore, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my REAL friend KIMI for reading the whole list – love ya, girl.
  22. I would rather have 5 HAMPERS full of dirty laundry in my house, than 1 load of CLEAN laundry-unfolded-on my couch.
  23. When I was 5 years old, I cut off part of my finger. They attempted to sew it back on, yet it turned black and fell off again. I am still missing part of my finger – but, NO ONE ever notices (yes, I’m totally serious).
  24. Nobody TRULY understands my AMAZING ability to multi-task. I literally can have a conversation with you and sing to a song on the radio at the same time. I also can EAVES DROP on an entire conversation next to me, as I have a conversation with someone else.
  25. The craziest thing I have ever done is let Dan convince me to go PARA-SAILING in Hawaii. I spent the entire time up in the air SWEARING at Dan – I have never used that language again, in my life.


Gramma said...
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Gramma said...

Hey Trit...Read your whole list & really enjoyed it..especially the one
about food..Love ya lots & enjoy your
blog every day!! Love, Gramma

yeager_79 said...

Lol, I also love hyphens and count steps! =)
I don't know that I could think of 25 things - good job! (hmm...I just tried to make a list, and I'm at 19 so far - wow)

kArrIe hULinGs said...

I LOVE that you can admit to eaves dropping while holding your own conversation.. LOL.. I'll remember that the next time I am talking to you.... or near you :)