Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy / Daughter Dance

Dan and Eyli went to their first Daddy/Daughter Dance on Valentine's Day. They had a BLAST at the dance - here are a few pics!



Kimi said...

Where are the pictures of daddy shaking his groove thing on the dance floor?

~Kristie~ said...

I know - he came home with all of these pictures, and none of them were of him. The one thing I did notice was that most of the other dad's were wearing "suits and ties"..... But, they for sure didn't look as cool as he did.

David Hulings said...

It's a good thing Eyli can dance better than Dan can video tape. She is so cute. I am up for a grandpa-grand daughter dance. I wonder if Eyli would like to see me dance the YMCA.

Great job on dancing Eyli. Not sure about your date, however.


Aunt Juge said...

LOL....HOW ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing them all dancing! I wish the video was longer!!!!! time you'll have to show up just so you can run the video camera so we can see both of them together! ;)

Grandma KIM said...

Looks like Eyli gets her dancing 'abilities' from her DAD! (Kristie, I know YOU can move like that with a couple of totties in a place like Punta Cana...just hand you a couple of maracas!)