Thursday, June 30, 2011

Top 10 reasons to start blogging again.....

1. I’m so much smarter when I write than when I talk.......

2. Soon, I’ll be sporting a new "blog makeover", which in turn means I need to use it.

3. If I start blogging again, I create the off chance that ALL CAPS will show up for a comment or two. (yes, this probably should have been ranked up in the #1 spot)

4. Lets face it, STARBUCKS gift cards don’t grow on trees. If I’m ever gonna make money, it will be from publishing a best-seller, taken straight from a collection of past blog posts.

5. How else will you know when Dan finally finishes his SLEEVE of tattoos?

6. There's always the slim chance that Grandma might get internet someday...

7. Now that my oldest is a SENIOR in High School, printing out blog posts would be much easier than going through stacks of pictures in the basement, when we start planning for the open house......darn, shoulda started blogging a little earlier.

8. I’m thinking Flashback Friday might be reason enough.

9. Common. You’ve all missed the stories about my sock basket.

10. Tyler starts high school soccer this year. Are you kidding me? Ive been waiting to blog about that my whole life! I may need to change the blog name to: theLIFEinaDAYofaSOCCERmom.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


(Today, Im feeling like I may miss my camper this summer.....I thought a FLASHBACK post may be appropriate. Originally posted July of 2009.)

Why do I never have my FLIP video camera when I need it?

My attempt to recreate…

In campground.
Top of a very large hill.
Next to A VERY LARGE sign that reads:
YOU MUST walk your bike down the hill!!

7 to 8 year old little girl.
Bathing Suit. Flip-Flops.
Sitting on her Pink Bike at top of hill.
Miley’s Dad
OLD. [Much older than me.]
Miller Lite T-shirt.
Coors Lite in his hand.
Sitting on his bike at top of hill next to Miley.

Act 1:
Miley’s Dad – “It will be fine. Just go down slowly at first, then put on your brakes and continue down. I will be right behind you.”

Miley – “Are you sure? Is it safe?”

Miley’s Dad – “Of course – now go ahead. Don’t forget to put on your brakes.”

Miley begins to slowly ride down the very steep hill.
Dad stays at the top and takes a sip of his Coors Light.

Miley begins to pick up speed.

Miley’s Dad – “PUT ON YOUR BRAKES”

Miley continues going faster.

[While he continues to balance on his bike at the top of the hill]

Miley suddenly realizes she is going too fast and veers off the road onto the edge of the road – straight for the 15 foot drop off into the White River.

Miley’s Dad – “BRAKES!!! Put on your BRAKES!!!”

Miley continues on to the drop off - slowing slightly due to the sticks and weeds in her path.

Dudley and I stop in the middle of the road. Our jaws hit the cement. I almost begin screaming “BRAKES”!

Miley’s Dad begins rolling down the hill.

At the very last second, Miley turns the wheel of her bike and avoids certain death. (Or at least an ambulance ride/hospital stay)
Miley drags her feet on the ground to stop the bike.
Dad approaches.

Miley’s Dad – “Miley!! What are you thinking? I told you to PUT ON YOUR BRAKES!!”

Miley – “I was going too fast for brakes. I didn’t think I should.”

Dudley and I are thinking “What the??”

Miley’s Dad – “You looked a little like Fred Flinstone at the end there…....”

Dudley and I continue thinking “What the??”

Miley’s Dad takes a drink of the Coors Light - which successfully made it down the hill, without spilling a drop.

Dudley and I continue walking.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Chicago Photo Booth - I love the windy city.....

Yes, of course you can fit 4 people in a photo booth.
Especially if one of them is a very large Hockey player.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Facing our Fears....

We've spent many an hour sitting below the BIG Ferris Wheel.
We've spent many an hour talking each other OUT of riding on it.
This time, we faced our fears and actually got on!
Let's just say ONE of us was really scared........the whole time.

Delaware Place

If someday you are searching,
'cause I'm lost without a trace
you'll find me where my heart is warmed,
hiding on delaware place....

Monday, June 20, 2011

RIP Brian Briggs

I think what I will remember most about Brian is two things:

1: his uncanny ability to know when EVERYONE needed a break - right when you were about to cry out in anguish, he would say, "I think I need a break".....

2: his warm smile - it took me hours going back through old video footage, but I think you can catch a glimpse of it here.....

Rest in Peace, Brian Briggs....You will be dearly missed by so many people.

Thank you
leaving your mark
touching our lives......

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I forgot...

I forgot to take a picture from outside the window of the Young Fives classroom, as I patiently waited in the hallway, while you sat at the tiny table and silent tears fell down your cheeks.

I forgot to take a picture when you simply could not remember how the color was called BLUE, because you swore it was called GREEN, or YELLOW, or some other name.

I forgot to take a picture when you asked me to drive you to Meijers to buy building supplies, when you wanted to design a birthday present for your dad made mostly out of toilet paper rolls.

I forgot to take a picture when you watched your dad skydive for the first time, and looked at me with those “Im gonna do that some day” eyes.

I forgot to take a picture the first day of 4th grade, when after another long summer, you entered the classroom without a tear in your eye for the first time!

I forgot to take a picture when I first realized you were a clone of your father, only 20 years younger.

I forgot to take a picture the day you asked me to help put wax in your hair, so you could have the best “mohawk” in the school.

I forgot to take a picture when your teacher told me, “he’s got wit like an adult trapped in a child’s body”, as you were clearly the only student in the room who “got the joke” when the adults thought it would go right over your head.

I forgot to take a picture the day you ran out of the house wearing a collared shirt, simply because a girl asked you to wear it.

I forgot to take a picture the day you took apart the broken xbox, took a hair dryer to it, and fixed it.

I forgot to take a picture the night you asked to go to Meijers with me, and although I was in a hurry, we randomly walked the toy section for an hour, looking for the perfect gift for your favorite teacher, Mrs. DeBoer – so she would have something sitting on her desk forever, that reminds her of you.

I forgot to take a picture the day I walked into your room to wake you up at 5:15 am to prepare you for your 8th grade trip to Mackinaw, and you were sitting on your bed completely dressed with your back-pack on. In my astonishment you simply said, “I can set my own alarm” – as if I hadn’t just spent 10 years of my life waking you up every morning.

I forgot to take a picture that same morning as you were joining your friends at the big charter bus, smiling from ear to ear, ready for your 2-day adventure.

But, I didn’t forget to hug you as you walked away…..because typically I would just pat you on the back and say “have fun, bud”……but, this morning – I remembered.