Wednesday, June 29, 2011


(Today, Im feeling like I may miss my camper this summer.....I thought a FLASHBACK post may be appropriate. Originally posted July of 2009.)

Why do I never have my FLIP video camera when I need it?

My attempt to recreate…

In campground.
Top of a very large hill.
Next to A VERY LARGE sign that reads:
YOU MUST walk your bike down the hill!!

7 to 8 year old little girl.
Bathing Suit. Flip-Flops.
Sitting on her Pink Bike at top of hill.
Miley’s Dad
OLD. [Much older than me.]
Miller Lite T-shirt.
Coors Lite in his hand.
Sitting on his bike at top of hill next to Miley.

Act 1:
Miley’s Dad – “It will be fine. Just go down slowly at first, then put on your brakes and continue down. I will be right behind you.”

Miley – “Are you sure? Is it safe?”

Miley’s Dad – “Of course – now go ahead. Don’t forget to put on your brakes.”

Miley begins to slowly ride down the very steep hill.
Dad stays at the top and takes a sip of his Coors Light.

Miley begins to pick up speed.

Miley’s Dad – “PUT ON YOUR BRAKES”

Miley continues going faster.

[While he continues to balance on his bike at the top of the hill]

Miley suddenly realizes she is going too fast and veers off the road onto the edge of the road – straight for the 15 foot drop off into the White River.

Miley’s Dad – “BRAKES!!! Put on your BRAKES!!!”

Miley continues on to the drop off - slowing slightly due to the sticks and weeds in her path.

Dudley and I stop in the middle of the road. Our jaws hit the cement. I almost begin screaming “BRAKES”!

Miley’s Dad begins rolling down the hill.

At the very last second, Miley turns the wheel of her bike and avoids certain death. (Or at least an ambulance ride/hospital stay)
Miley drags her feet on the ground to stop the bike.
Dad approaches.

Miley’s Dad – “Miley!! What are you thinking? I told you to PUT ON YOUR BRAKES!!”

Miley – “I was going too fast for brakes. I didn’t think I should.”

Dudley and I are thinking “What the??”

Miley’s Dad – “You looked a little like Fred Flinstone at the end there…....”

Dudley and I continue thinking “What the??”

Miley’s Dad takes a drink of the Coors Light - which successfully made it down the hill, without spilling a drop.

Dudley and I continue walking.


David Hulings said...

Great job writing. I was right there with you.

Anonymous said...

Forget the "flip video camera"! By the time I got to " Slowing slightly due to the sticks and weeds in her path" I was LOL so HARD I was crying....... I like your version! You did great re-telling it ...I could see the whole thing played out!
You need to write a book!
You should have been writing every days happenings out while you were camping....You'd be in the money! ;)