Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WAIT, Where does the BLUE one go?

This was the scene in my living room tonight.

I think it started out as, "Dad, those cords are all sloppy - can we straighten them out, it looks horrible!"

2 hours &
1 trip to meijers &
2 trips to dads trailer for parts &
4 trips to garage for tools &
10 trips down to utility room to find LIVE cable feed &
1 trip out to dads trailer to bring in HIS cable box &
moving wireless router and modem to behind the TV &
1 trip down to my bedroom to get my cable box &
6 times telling Dudley to get out of the way &
10 minutes to stop and eat dinner.....

Our cable is working.
And our internet is working.

When Dad and Dan get together, there is NO TELLING what can happen. And now they got Tyler to help them out. (Thank goodness, he's the smart one of the bunch)

I am reminded of a time SO long ago....
It was October of 1994, and I believe it started when dad called Dan and said, "Hey Danny, what are you guys doing right now?....."

Oops, nevermind.
Doesn't it feel like Friday?......


David Hulings said...

But, this time (unlike the infamous bathroom caper) we 1) Lost no tools 2) Had no swearing ... I think 3) Didn't have to send the wives to the store 4) Didn't have the send the kids away to get it done 5) Robin didn't have to pee in a toilet sitting on the grass in the front yard, and 6) it actually looks better when we finished. Great job Danny Boy!!

Aunt Juge said...

WHAT??? No "before and after" pic? ;)

Tony Hulings said...

You should have just called your brother...

I DO have an Associates of Applied Science in Computer and Electronics Engineering Technology...