Friday, November 27, 2009


***NEW PHOTOS** This is the actual picture after the accident -

It was A LONG TIME AGO at 4 pm. Because I was only allowed to watch TV for an hour a day, I reserved the TV for the time when the 2nd greatest show came on – Different Strokes. [The 1st greatest show being – MacGyver] I had seen every episode, so the day seemed pretty normal. As I recall, my mom was making dinner in the kitchen, and I was watching TV in my parent’s bedroom. The typical kitchen smells hung in the air. My brothers weren’t bothering me at the time, because they were outside playing with their friends, so I was as HAPPY as can be.

The sound was one I could never describe in words, yet will never forget.
The screeching of car tires.
My first thought – “That was a weird sound”
My second thought – “I wonder if my mom heard that”
My third thought – “I wonder why it seemed so close to our house”
My fourth thought became verbal – “MOM?”
No answer.
No answer.
Hmm. I could still smell the dinner on the stove.
No answer.
That was when I began to panic.
I ran to the kitchen to see the back door wide open.
Mom was gone.
I heard screaming from outside.
I ran out into the driveway and saw my mom holding my little brother in the road.

The car had hit him straight on.
I froze.
He wasn’t moving, so I assumed the worst.
My thoughts were jumbled, but mostly I felt guilt. Guilt for previously feeling HAPPY that he had been outside, instead of bothering me inside.

By the grace of GOD, Andy made it through the day with nothing but a few scratches on his face.

As Thanksgiving passes I am reminded that saying, “I’m thankful for my family” can become cliché.
In fact, yesterday I made a list of the things I was thankful for,
On the top of my list was: family
When I typed the word – I said, “DUH” – and moved to the next thing on my list.
But, honestly, I am thankful today for my siblings.

This could quite possibly be the first picture of the four us. I have no idea why my hair looks like that, or why Tony looks like he’s on drugs.

I spent some quality time with them today, and thanked God for annoying brothers, and sisters who get whatever they want.....


Anonymous said...

I love it! To bad you didn't post the picture Granny has of his "smile" scab that was on his face after that accident;)

Great pic of all of you! =)

Anonymous said...

By the way....Andy should be the one to say "What happened to my hair?" LOL ~ his bangs go "downhill" all the way! ;)

Grandma KIM said...

Words will never describe what your Dad and I went through that day of the screeching tires. When I saw Andy on the road, I screamed at God..."PLEASE don't take my son!" And I thank God every day that He didn't.

What do ya know.....the first foursome picture... I LOVE it!!!

BTW... your hair looked like that, cuz it was cute on you (your mom thought so anyway) and your brother looks like he's on drugs cuz he probably took a sip of my beer (just kidding, no beer allowed in the house) Check out my facebook for the latest 'foursome' pic! :-)

Paul and Jackie said...

Remember it! I love that pic! It looks exactly how I remember y'all!


David Hulings said...

I remember I was driving up the road and it happened in front of me. I stopped the car and ran a block I was so afraid. Funny thing is I recently spoke at a school for the kid who was driving the car that day. He is now a transportation director at a school. Scary day! Kristie's hair is the one that concerns me. It looks like we have three boys and a baby girl.

amy said...

That must have been so scary!! I lost my brother 10yrs ago in a car accident. It is super hard to deal with sometimes.

On a side note, I can't believe how much Tony's boys look like him :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new added picture! One of the most precious things is your all in your mom and dad's bed =)