Saturday, October 24, 2009


When I think back to this week in the coming years, I will remember it as the ONLY time in my life that I begged God for something. Before this, I asked Him for so many things. I have even REPEATEDLY asked Him for things. But, I don’t think I had ever BEGGED Him for something, until the night my dad’s heart stopped.

The call came in at 1:12 am on Thursday to Dan's phone. It’s a blessing in itself that he actually answered it. When Dan woke me up he tried to cushion the blow. But, how do you really do that? “Kristie, you need to STAY CALM - That was Robin, your dad is in the ER, he just had a heart-attack.”

I don’t really know what the NORMAL following statement should be.

But, for me, it was like I went into BEGGING mode.
It was like my conversation was with God, even though I was talking to Dan.

He has TOO many people that he STILL needs to help.
You and I both know that this earth WILL NOT BE better off without him.
We NEED him here!
You and I both know that he shares the gospel with so many people every day.
WHO will help all those people if he is not here?
We NEED him HERE!!

Over the next 24 hours, I never stopped begging.

I guess my Father agreed with me,
as my father has been given
an ‘over-time’ period on life,
which means I’m blogging today,
instead of writing a eulogy.

I don’t think I realized the truth of my BEGGING words until I watched the outpouring of support throughout the past 3 days. I literally spent the "waiting for him to come out of surgery" time, with a couple I had never even met before. They just told us, "Dave would be here for us". They stayed all night and into the morning.
I didn't even know them.

When I said, “HE HELPS SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE!!!”, I was right.

As a father & grandfather, he hasn’t just impacted the lives of his family;
As a Pastor, he hasn’t just impacted the lives of his congregation;
As a Coach, he hasn’t just impacted the lives of his players;
As a Chaplain, he hasn’t just impacted the lives of the police force;
As a Speaker, he hasn’t just impacted the lives of Educational Leadership in Michigan;
As a Servant of the Lord,
he HAS impacted the saved & unsaved souls of this world to further the Kingdom of God.

And that is why
I begged for my hero.


Bonjernoor said...

AMEN! I am pretty sure everyone Begged, I know I did! And praise the lord we still have him! Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Is there a "thumbs up" some where here for the "like" category ? ;)

I'm so glad he's ok =) <3

Signature.sweets said...

Kristie, that's an awesome blog. Bruce and Lisa are awesome and I'm glad you got to meet them. They love your dad like so many of us do! We are so thankful that he's alright.

Mara said...

I kept thinking that same thing Kristie - He simply can't go now, he has so many people still to help/teach/witness and minister to! Your dad is one of the most amazing pastors/men I've ever known and God obviously has such a great purpose for him here!

Knowing the loss of a dad, my heart was on the edge for you and the rest of the fmaily. We are so thankful our Father agreed and he's still here with you/us!!