Friday, October 16, 2009

Flashback FRIDAY - Honolulu

It was October of 2002 as we stepped off the airplane in Honolulu. I can’t really think of another time in my life when I was so excited. The months before “Going to Hawaii” seemed almost dreamlike. After a 10-hour trip, I was really just excited to be on the ground. As we made our way into the terminal, we scanned for the baggage claim area, along with the MANY other people on our long flight. Once we located it, we realized everyone else in the airport had congregated to this one area, as well. It was so crowded around the ONE GIANT baggage belt that we could hardly see the suitcases as they began passing by. Piece by piece they disappeared from the belt as others began taking their luggage on to their destination. Dan and I had purchased a BRAND NEW set of suitcases for our trip, and I was patiently waiting for mine to come around. Interestingly enough, the first thing I saw on that luggage belt that actually belonged to me was a pair of my underwear – not my suitcase. As I spotted my suitcase shortly behind, clothes were hanging out of the side.

It was at that moment when ALL THOSE PEOPLE became silent.
No one talked.
Everyone watched.
Because, of course, they really wanted to know whose underwear was strewn about the baggage claim area.

It took me a split-second to whisper to Dan.
“Nope, I’m not getting it”
“NOOOO, DO NOT grab it”
“No, Dan, I don’t need it”
“No, please don’t let them know it is mine”

You all know my husband,
You all know exactly what he did.
He grabbed that suitcase faster than you can say “suitcase” and he hauled it off that belt and said, “Honey, come over here and tell me what is missing out of this suitcase!”

I really can’t remember a time when I was more embarrassed.

The bad news was that inside that suitcase there HAD BEEN a bathroom bag, which contained ALL of our bathroom items. It was now missing.
At first thought – no big deal.

By the time we settled into our hotel, we decided to venture out to re-purchase all needed bathroom items. In WAKIKI BEACH the ABC stores are a dime-a-dozen – one on every corner.
We saw the sign as we entered the store:
SPEND $50 at any ABC store, and receive a FREE coffee mug!

Well, let’s just say – we used these this morning!

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Paul and Jackie said...

We went to Hawaii in 2002! January........It was just the two boys and us back then. It was our most memorable vacation to date. We all flew for free with frequent flier miles! We still collect ff miles for special times like that! Can't wait to do something again!