Saturday, October 10, 2009

Flashback FRIDAY - Home

It was September 30th of 1994 and it was pouring down rain. We left Katie at Grandma’s, just for the game, but planned to pick her up after the Homecoming festivities. Dan had refused to wear a tie or suit coat, although every other member of the Homecoming Court was dressed up. He wore a FRUITPORT sweatshirt that he had obtained from the school store that same day, and a pair of blue jeans. We made our way to the football field, just in time to find out that they were canceling the game due to lightning.
A school administrator came up to Dan and told him that they would reschedule the game and festivities for the next day. Dan’s exact response was, “Well, have a good time tomorrow – I’ll be hunting. It’s opening day.” She looked at him like he was crazy, and said, “But, you are on the Homecoming Court – Don’t you want to know if you won, or not?”
Dan just looked at her.
She kinda nodded, and walked away.
Because I’m sure SHE knew something WE didn’t, five minutes later another student ran by – “They’re doing the Homecoming festivities in the GYM RIGHT NOW, and the game tomorrow!”

Dan and I looked at each other and shrugged.
“Do you want to stay?” He asked me.
“YES - I KNOW you will be the KING!” I said.

Thirty minutes later Dan was crowned Fruitport High School Homecoming King of 1994.

After he was crowned -

He looked at me and said,
“I want to go HOME….”.

I looked at him and said,
“You should STAY…”

He said again,
“I want to go HOME now….”

I made him stay for at least one picture with the queen.

We made our way to Grandmas to pick up the baby.
We stopped at Pizza and Sub shop to pick up TWO #8’s with onions.
We made our way HOME.

A garage with a room built in,
with no bathroom or kitchen.
A homemade drop ceiling,
with tiles that fell on our heads when the wind blew.
A crib for Katie
with a sheet hanging around it.
A small TV and VCR
with Law and Order playing.

A place where a boy became a father.
And a KING forever stole my heart.


Sarah said...

Kristie, I love it! What a great story! And, I love the picture.

Mara said...

You have the best stories Kristie!! I don't think anything in my life is ever nearly as funny/interesting as your stories. =)

Aunt Juge said...

AWWWWWWWWWWWWW....Thats a sweet story! I was begining to wonder about "Flashback Friday" ~ It wasn't there on Friday?? Believe it or not some of us look forward to Fridays JUST to see what story you're going to be telling us ;)

(and for those of us that are also pizza and sub shop fans we know exactly what a #8 is! ;) and how yummy they are! )

Grandma KIM said...

Look how CUTE Dan looks............ (what happened?) Just Kidding!! He's still adorable :-)