Friday, September 4, 2009

FLASHBACK FRIDAY - And then there were FIVE......

It was January of 1999, when the four of us were sitting around the dinner table. If I remember it correctly, Katie said, “Mommy, are you gonna have any more babies?” As I prepared to state my USUAL standard answer, “No, honey, two is enough for us – one girl and one boy”…… Dan and I stopped and looked at each other.


His comment should have sounded
OFF the wall….
DIFFERENT than what we had decided….

But, somehow, at that moment HE READ my mind.

“Ya know, it kinda feels like someone is missing……”

Eyliana Danielle Cook was born 5 weeks early on September 4th, 1999.
She completed our family.
Happy Birthday, Eyli!
We love you, and we are so happy to have a family of FIVE!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday BABY GIRL!!!!!!! =) Love you!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXO

Mara said...

that's beautiful! Happy birthday Eyliana!!

t&j warber said...

Happy Birthday Eyliana!!