Friday, July 15, 2011

My toast.....

Recently, I was in my favorite city

for a surprise

The surprise consisted of a weekend of this

And this…..

And this......

And this.....

When all 4 of us took turns making a TOAST

Dan did his – it was awesome.

Jamie did hers – it was awesome.

Matt did his - it was awesome.

I did mine last – I said “Im just really happy.”

Common, really?

Im a person filled with words – and all I could say was “Im just really happy” ??!!


After some thought…

My toast –
Of all the days I spent brushing your hair.
Of all the days I spent telling you to be quiet when you were whispering.
Of all the days I spent praying that you would just fall asleep.
Of all the days I spent listening to your happy chatter.
Of all the days I spent wishing you would stop wanting to touch me.
Of all the days I spent cleaning up the mess you made (I mean the fun you had).
Of all the days I spent wondering which guy was the right one.
Of all the days I spent looking at you and how beautiful you are.
Of all the days I spent thanking God that you had found the exact right one.
Today, I am the most happy for you.
Here’s to your beautiful SELF, and your beautiful SOULMATE.

May your love grow to be what mine continues to be.

I love you. Love, your big sis.


David Hulings said...


rhulings said...

That was precious! Love you both so much!

Anonymous said...

If their toasts were "awesome"....yours was .... ? What word means "better than" awesome? ;)

You always know JUST what to say! =)
You had it right the first time when you said you were just really happy! Its everyone else's fault they didn't understand what you meant and you had to explain it better for them! ;)
But oh what a wonderful way you have of "explaining" things =) <3

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Now you made ME cry too. so beautiful. Can't wait to meet everyone in the whole family. It's gotta be one special group!!! Blessings Momma D