Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just for fun....

We are so blessed to go to the Unity Festival each year. We always get AWESOME seats right in the front, because Grandma Robin gets up every day at 5 in the morning and waits in line. Then, when they open the gates Tyler runs as fast as he can (which is extremely fast) to "throw our blankets down"..... Robin follows closely behind with our cart full of chairs, with help from Tiff or I. Each year, we get the same great SPOT. This picture was on the UNITY website.....He, of course, passed that kid.....

Dad has never assisted in this process, and, in fact, thought Robin just got up early, walked to our spot, and comfortably sat back to enjoy the rest of her day.

This year, he decided to "help" us.
[So, we patiently explained the know-the chairs have to be stored in a certain manner, the bungee cords have to wrap around the chairs just so, Tyler has to sneak to the front of the line while others aren't paying attention, etc.etc.etc... ]
[And he listened to part of the explaining.]
He was quite surprised by how ELABORATE the process was!

And by the end of the festival, the UNITY staff actually photographed him "helping" us..... We kept telling him he was supposed to RUN to the spot with the chairs.

I guess this could be running??

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Anonymous said...

LOL....well how is he suppose to run when he has to drag that big thing behind him ? ;) Gotta give him an A for effort tho! ;)
I think Ty should keep the job!