Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dear Lord, send me Cheez-Its....

I have a wonderful little story to share....

We have been blessed with Aunt Jamie staying at our house this week. Tyler and Jamie have always shared a very special bond. Along with watching movies, skateboarding, and having sleepovers in the living room, they have also spent quality time reading the Bible. Over the past 3 evenings, they have been diligent to read the Bible and discuss spiritual concepts together.

One morning this week -

Me: "So, Ty, how did Bible Study go last night?"

Tyler: "Great! We learned about HOW we should PRAY to God"

Me: "Do you mean THAT you SHOULD pray to God? Or HOW you should PRAY to God?"

Tyler: "No, mom, I mean HOW YOU SHOULD PRAY. Jamie explained it to me. It's like me saying - 'God, send me Cheez-Its'. You're not supposed to ask like that...."

Me: "Why do you need Cheez-Its? There are crackers in the cupboard...."

Tyler: "MOM! It's just an EXAMPLE! Instead you should ask like this, 'Dear God, if it is in your will, could you please send me some Cheez-Its?' "


Anonymous said... have to be a mother to understand that one! ( "why do you need cheez-its , There are crackers in the cupboard")

amy said...

I do love some cheeze its!! :)

Grandma KIM said...

Here's another way Tyler and Jamie... "God, thank you that I have Cheeze-it's JUST when I need them!" It is touching to know that my daughter and grandson are becoming Biblical Scholars all on their own :-)