Sunday, September 2, 2012

Flashback FRIDAY .....*REPOST* for my girl Karley!!!

Originally posted in August of 2009.....Karley, this is for you. :)

You know how you hear a sound
or see an image
you are right back
to that time and place
where happiness surrounds you…..

For the next few months,
here at
The LIFE in a DAY of the COOKS,
we will dedicate every FRIDAY
to sharing a piece of OUR
PAST happiness
with you……


Paul and Jackie said...

I remember that piano! Love it!!!!! Kristie, your voice is so pretty. It's in your genes!


Anonymous said...

Too precious! I can't wait till next Friday! ;)

She must have some pretty strong legs! I remember how hard it was to play that thing for a whole song! Hats off to her!! and she wasn't even breathing hard afterwards!

Grandma KIM said...

Brings back SO MANY GREAT memories!!! We had the whole neighborhood over pumping that thing. Please play 'my favorite'... "Oh, Solo...mio!" :-) Kristie, do you remember when it was all painted BLACK? We had it all re-furbished back to it's original Oak. Keep on playin...............