Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camping 6 - Fun with friends


Eyli was thrilled last night when her Sunday School friends came up to the campground to visit! The rest of us had a wonderful time, too, as the whole Smutz family came to hang out with us! The kids had a fabulous time in the pool, doing sparklers, and coloring! The age gap between our kids and theirs overlaps with Eyliana - yet, here are some pictures of Katie and Chandler hitting it off!
{And as this is Katie's favorite thing to do - Hopefully her parents don't mind that their 2 year old now knows how to text boys....}


David Hulings said...

Maybe I can text Chandler. Looks like you all had some great time. We miss you all but are having a great time ourselves but without that "many" people.

Mara said...

Chandler is so cute! gotta start 'em young with that texting now, lol.
I can't believe she was willing to do the sparklers - Emma was so freaked out by anything "fireworky"! If it made noise or lit up she was not a fan! She was ok with me holding one, but no closer than that.
Looks like you guys had fun! =)

Signature.sweets said...

Kristie, those pictures turned out so great. The girls couldn't believe they were on a blog! Paul and I cracked up about the texting to boys comment, but somehow i don't think we'll be laughing for long ( :

And David...Chandler is still recovering from the "talking dog" conversation she had on the webcam with you ( :