Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We made it!

AHHHH...... Real sunshine!


KaTie CoOk =] said...

Omygoodness mother!

I am so jealous that you and daddy are there, it looks so sunny and pretty.. we'll here is just boring and umm..not all that great!

I'm really thinking that you take your children or at least your oldest child (me) with you on your next pretty, sunny vacation.

I'm glad you made it there safe!
Love you!
and miss you.


Aunt Juge said...

Love the pics! LOVE the sunshine more!!!! ;) We have had SOME sunshine here......but certainly not as WARM!!!!!!! We had a high of 50 yesterday for about 2-3 hours!lol

I agree with Katie about taking people with you on vacation next time! Only I think it should be your aunt! ;)
HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

p.s. saw dudley yesterday! He sure loves being at Granny's!!! I made sure I loved him up for you! ;)

Mara said...

ok, I'm officially soo jealous. hope you had a great time!