Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The REAL Life in a day of the Cooks

SO, I was thinking of NOT posting this, but after re-reading it, I had to.
It is such an example of - THE REAL LIFE in a DAY of the COOKS -

Scene: Mom in Mexico, Tyler in Michigan - Chatting online..... Enjoy!

10:18 PM Tyler: HI haven fun
10:19 PM me: hello!!!
How is your eye/nose?
Tyler: lol
10:20 PM me: we miss you guys - can you still run??
Tyler: idk
i hop i gdet beter be 4 mon day
ge t
me: for practice?
Tyler: ya
me: what were you trying to do??
Tyler: when
10:21 PM me: when you hurt your knee
Tyler: i was on roneds
me: bike
Tyler: ya
me: ouch - did you fall off?
Tyler: i was tring to do a whelley and fell
10:22 PM me: ouch!
Tyler: it was cool 4 like 4 sec then i feel
me: oh bummer!! that sucks - were you at grandmas?
Tyler: ya but now i am at grama kims
10:23 PM me: That sounds fun! Tell everyone we said hi!!
Tyler: ok and when kt was sening you a email and the door brock idk if u got that
10:24 PM me: Ya I did! That is funny - bad things keep happening today to you!!!
10:25 PM Tyler: i no jamey had brock it cas she punch it and i tucht it and it fell in
me: ok - so it wasn't entirely your fault ??
10:26 PM Tyler: no icsept that when it fell it hit my ancel and the botel snapt so did my ancel jk
me: Oh my goish! on the same leg as the knee injury??
Tyler: no
me: So you have both legs out of commission
10:27 PM Guess What?
Tyler: what that c word and what
me: There are monkeys here, you can get your picture taken & I sat on a DONKEY tonight and got a picture taken with it. An ASS
Tyler: lol
me: lol alright
Tyler: and can u ceep the monkey
10:28 PM :)
me: nope :(
Tyler: :(
me: Bummer....
Tyler: :(:)
i mad a monkey
me: But I can keep the ASS
Tyler: lol
me: :(:(
Tyler: (:):(
10:29 PM :(:)
me: How do you make an ASS?
Tyler: is this dad
me: no
it's mom, believe it or not
Dad couldn't type this fast
Tyler: u sed ASS thow
10:30 PM me: Because I am talking about the DONKEY = besides, dad couldn't spell ASS, anyway.
Tyler: lol
me: Dad is watching tv!!
Tyler: )( THERE A ASS
me: LOL
Good one t
10:31 PM C IT
me: Dad saw it, but he is not laughing, because he doesn't understand our joke about the ASS
10:32 PM Tyler: LOL well me and kt r gunu whach tv and tell dad i got a nuw x box game it is cald black i all most bet it whith jame
10:33 PM me: Ok - have fun watching TV!!
Love you guys!
Tyler: it was onley 17$ at that plas by starbuskes
me: COOL!!
Tyler: love u to and i am sher u dont car
10:34 PM so that is y i sed tell dad
love u good nit
me: I care., and Dad said cool
Love you Good nIght!
Tyler: and what was tha 1 c word
me: I dont rememeber...........
10:35 PM Tyler: commision
or sopin
me: Oh, Out of Commission - Like Out of Order - doesn't work
Tyler: ookkk
lol well love u good nit
me: love you good night!!
10:36 PM Tyler: <3>3<3
me: <3


amy said...

I just like to know how you read all of that? I couldn't understand very much, you must have to learn Teen English. Good luck with that :)

Aunt Juge said...

Absolutely LOVE it! Thanks for sharing! :)
(and for Amy.....no you don't have to understand "teen english" you just have to understand "Tyler's English"...lol....just sound it out....he spells just like it sounds;) )

Grandma KIM said...

I can't wait to show Jamie this comment:

Tyler: i no jamey had brock it cas she punch it and i tucht it and it fell in

She'll be happy most people won't understand 'Tyler Talk'!!!!