Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Wife

Well you all know by now that I am more of a talker than a typer.....So hang with me for a moment. my awesome wife is on the Cook page talking up all of our kids and even me at times.What I want to brag about is HER, ( Kristie Lynn Cook ) THE LOVE OF MY LIFE........ She of course will some way manage to get this little BLOG off because its about her, and how good she is. Allot of you know both Kristie and I but I'm not entirely sure HOW WELL you know us. Kristie has put up with me for 15 plus years, can you believe that? If you all need proof that there is a God this may be a way to convince your non believing friends.:)This little blog of mine is more of a brag......There are times in every relationship where things start to just become," THE NORM "... To many fish to be caught, soccer games, rehearsals, piano practice, snowboard club(2 nights a week),after school tutoring, board meetings, strategic planning meetings,HOMEWORK, goodness the HOMEWORK,classroom projects,house cleaning,laundry,feeding the DUD MAN. You know what I'm getting at,anyway my wife at the end of a long hard week still manages to have more in her to give. My attempt was to say everything she does but to keep it simple.....The only word that even comes close is AMAZING...... She is truly what I feel are the hands and feet of Christ. Thank you my love for everything you do....I Love you and respect you for all that you are.

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~Kristie~ said...

Thank you, Lord, for answering my prayers, and blessing me with a husband, created in Your image, that is perfect for me.
Thank you for blessing me with a man that knows my every need – whether large or small. Today, he was able to brighten my day, when it needed brightening.
Thank you for directing our family exactly where you want it to go, and please continue to use us for Your GLORY.