Thursday, January 15, 2009

I would......

I would be ordering a SCRIBS pizza tonight - because it sounds sooooo yummy !

But, I have 2 reasons Im probably not going to order one -

1 - I FINALLY got the bottom braces put on - OUCH! (I can't chew anyway - although, I could just lick the grease off the top)

2 - I am one of those people that sit in my warm house and feel extreme sympathy for the "pizza delivery boys" that have to drive in this BLIZZARD! (No sense in being the one that "makes" him come out on these dangerous roads)

SO, maybe I'll just have a few Swiss Cake Rolls???


amy said...

That's very thoughtful of you :) Sorry about the braces :(

Aunt Juge said...

Sorry .....but even Swiss cake rolls don't even COMPARE to a Scribb's pizza!! (or even the grease!)Don't feel sorry for the driver....just think of it as he will just drop yours off while he's already out there delivering for some one ELSE! ;)

Sorry about the bottom braces :( I know how that feels! Are you at least taking some Advil or Tylenol or something I hope?? Anbesol???? ;)

Grandma KIM said...

I'd still vote for the Scribs! Maybe you could put it in the blender or something? (Just close your eyes, you won't even know the difference!)

Hope your bottom teeth feel better soon!