Sunday, March 16, 2008

WMAAAA 5th Annual 'Festival of the Arts'

WOW! What an exhausting week! West Michigan Academy hosted it's 5th annual 'Festival of the Arts' week. This is a week when the kids get to see that ART is all around them - out in the REAL WORLD. We bring in artists from all around the state to work with or present to the kids - so they can see how ART impacts everyday life. The pictures above show a couple of the "ARTISTS" that came in - including AUNT JAMIE teaching Hip-Hop - and our favorite friend ANNCLAIRE who came to paint watercolor with the 3rd graders. Katie also did her Career Pathways project this week, where she took a test to determine which "CAREER" would be a good fit for her. Looks like 'Choreographer' would be a great one! Dan also usually makes an appearance this week, as he loves to take pictures and interact with the kids. We both LOVE to see 'Keith Hall Jazz Musician' - he comes every year.

Not to get really MUSHY, but because Katie will graduate this year from WMAAA - I realize that Dan and I made the right choice 9 years ago. WMAAA has been a God-send to our kids, building them up to be the natural born leaders that God intended them to be. For those of you that haven't figured it out yet - it's gonna be an emotional SPRING...........

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Aunt Juge said...

I know what you mean! Just WAIT until she has to go to a COMPLETELY different school! I cried everyday for the whole first month of Freshman year for Jess! WMAAA is definitly hands down, the best school any child can go to! I just wish they had a High School! I STILL wish that ! I'd switch Jess in a SECOND!