Saturday, March 15, 2008


We took the kids snowboarding again this weekend, and had the most unusual experience as a family. We rented a small "condo" at Crystal Mountain for Friday Night. We expected a CONDO. We got a HOTEL ROOM, with a microwave. Just imagine a HOTEL imagine a microwave in it - yep, that's pretty much the CONDO I am talking about. So, anyway, we made the best of it - Ty slept on the floor, the "whirlpool tub" did not WHIRLPOOL. But, it's ok, we made the best of it - and took the kids to the pool, excited about a FULL day of snowboarding. At approximately 4:00 am - I awoke to a very YUCKY smell. I thought I was just dreaming, but come to find out, a SKUNK decided to "spray" directly under our "CONDO". Seriously, we all woke up and could NOT breathe!! They quickly found us (and 4 other families) another "CONDO" in the next building - so THE COOKS relocated in the middle of the night to another CONDO. Unfortunately, this CONDO did not have a microwave, and it was MUCH smaller. Don't worry, Ty still slept on the floor, but, there was a COFFEE POT - thank GOD!
We just got home tonight, and we will spend the rest of the weekend WASHING our CLOTHES - as they all smell like a skunk. For those of you that have known us for a while the PHRASE ~"I pell a tinky kunck" ~ came in handy last night. If you see us at church tomorrow, don't sit too close.......

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