Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ten things I’m absolutely SURE OF now that I’m 40….

(Why did it take me 40 years to learn/apply some of the most simplistic concepts that have greatly contributed to a transformation in my life?)

1. Chasing after what you think you want or what you think you deserve won't actually give you what you think you want or think you deserve. It's actually a trick. Don't fall for it. You will completely waste part of your life....

2. How you feel in the moment actually has absolutely nothing to do with how you should act in that moment.

3. If you’re not there yet, you are going to love the “in-between” stage of life. You know, being over the tiny kids, yet before the grandkids start showing up....(What that really means? I've seriously never actually seen the movie Frozen and have no idea what it's about....maybe a girl who wants to let go of snow?) This season is perf because: basically you and your husband can drive to anywhere you want, whenever you want, to get whatever you want, stay there as long as you want, and come home whenever you want, and basically no one even notices you were gone. (Except maybe the dog)

4. You do what you do and feel what you feel because you think what you think.

5. A true friend doesn't lie to you to make you "feel" better about yourself, or to avoid having confrontation with you....they may actually think they are "helping you" and "being there for you," but what they are really doing is "feeding" your selfish nature, and this is of no gain to you.

6. Be your husband’s biggest fan….set the pattern for others to respect him.....take my word for it when I tell you if you can start with this, blessings will follow – for you and him. Don’t know how to start doing this? Make a marker board with a picture of the two of you – “I love you because…..” – and write on it. Every day.

7. Working out is not actually fun. I don't care how you people describe it to make it sound better or disguise it to try and make it look pretty. I hate it. Running. Biking. Yoga. Kick boxing. Sit ups. Push ups. I don't even like going up the stairs at work....(I do, however, love work-out clothes. They are cute. I don't believe they were only created for people who work out. Were they?)

8. In life you have choices to make. You have responsibilities to fulfill. Don't skirt around the "small" responsibilities on a daily basis. Do the little things, make the right choices. Don't slack in the small areas, as it quickly leads to big areas of your life....

9. If my ultimate desire is to please God. And my actions, and thoughts demonstrate that in my every day life, then (I'm going to be pretty blunt here) It doesn't really matter whether or not I am pleasing all of you people.....I'm actually extremely thankful for that. Because sometimes, the people I love the most, become my biggest critics. Thankfully, I have one Person to please. That just makes my life way easier.

10. Life is not about me. It's not about my self-esteem, whether low or high or average....By the way, it's not about the people I love either. Or what I do for them, or what they "want" from me or “do” for's only about one person, and the grace He gives me is sufficient for handling each day as it comes.....When life is about Him, you have peace.

Talk to me if you want PEACE, and you can't figure out how to get it….


Chris South said...

Good word Kristie....I think I'll count that as my morning devotion! All you've written is so true, I especially like the point about living/loving the stage your at (between babies and grand kids!) My "aha" moment happened when I turned 30...the only one that matters is God, life is too short to be offended, hold grudges or to live in a "what if" world, and finally, go to bed with no God, tell your husband and kids you love them and find ways to love others. Blessings and Happy Birthday!

Susan Ream said...

Love your Style Kristie! Many amazing bits of wisdom you have shared with humor and love. The authenticity of a life that's been through the fire and back speaks loudly of the Savior's love, the one you shine for. Happy Birthday Lovely Woman of God! Susie

Alice Jump said...

At 70 yrs. I appreciate the wisdom you are showing and can confirm that Our God is what matters.

baili said...

loved your each line and agreed with your way of thinking ,god bless us with countless of his blessing and a friend like husband and kids are one of them,if we realize true importance of these blessings and stay always positive we be able to experience a successful existence god bless and thank you for lovely sharing