Sunday, July 29, 2012

God at Work

Alot has happened in our family over the past year, and I was beginning to wonder if I stopped blogging because I didn't want anyone to "follow" me and my feelings anymore.....Lately, Dan and I have been focusing our attention on putting God first in our is a small piece of our story....
God At Work: Dan and Kristie Cook from Harvest Spring Lake MI on Vimeo.


Paul and Jackie said...

I am SO PROUD of the two of you! I love your honesty! God bless you both! Jackie

Rohmeo said...

Hi Kristie,

I posted this video to my twitter account. What a wonderful testimony this is & can be to so many that we are all in this struggle together--only by His Grace & Strength do we have any chance. Great reminder that from a macro level we need to be humbly in prayer for all of our brothers & sisters in the Bride of Christ--solely for His Glory.

Take care,