Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tyler's last days of summer

My boy who hates school, is about the most depressed kid ever - since he had to go back to school today. He spent his last days shooting TRAP at the range. He's actually really good at it, and Dan is looking into getting him into competition shooting.

Too bad the poor kid can't skip school and then fish & shoot guns all day....that'd be the life.


Paul and Jackie said...

You asked me about football when your child is holding a gun? :) LOL! At least in football, they wear lots of padding and a helmet. It is a little scary, especially when your guy is smaller than many of the other guys! Makes him have to be fast!!! :)

Kristie said...

Too funny, Jackie! I guess you've got me there!!

BOBBY said...

AAWWW ty i dont know you but u seem soooo cool!!! could i pulease just join your family you guys seem so cool!!! the other day i was on here and i think its so great that your all so tight , my family dynamics are messed up!!! you have a wonderful family, i had a dream that i was part of your cook clan.