Sunday, August 29, 2010

End of Summer.....Beginning of Real Life

When did she stop needing me to change her clothes, or brush her hair? All of a sudden my little girl grew up. Kaitlyn has spent the end of her summer working to get money for her car. Logging miles to get her drivers license. And making good choices.

She is perfect for this job, as she is a social butterfly. She's building up the muscles in her hand, apparently it's very difficult to scoop hard ice-cream!!

Come visit Katie at the Hometown Creamery in North Muskegon, they will be getting a coffee machine, too - so, they'll be open year-round!! (This is important for Grandpas to know)

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Paul and Jackie said...

How fun! However, working at an ice cream store would have probably been the death of me. I would not have the self control to not eat it all! :) Unbelievable your baby is working, driving, etc. Where did the time go?????? Jackie