Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fiddler on the Roof, Jr

Tyler will be starring in Fiddler on the Roof, Jr - performed at Overbrook Theatre at Muskegon Community College, on May 8th and 9th. Please let me know if you want tickets, as there will be advance seating this year!
May 8th - Friday - 7 pm
May 9th - Saturday - 2 pm


So sorry for those of you that keep asking for this!

4-25-09 @ Byron Center - 11:30 am
5-16-09 @ Roguewood West - 4:00 pm
5-30-09 @ Pine Park - 3:00 pm
6-6-09 @ Pine Park - 3:00 pm
6-13-09 @ Helder Medium #2 - 1:00 pm

4-24-09 @ Lowell - 5:00 pm
4-27-09 @ Orchard View - 5:45 pm
4-29-09 @ HOME - 5:00 pm
5-1-09 @ HOME - 5:00 pm
5-4-09 @ Newaygo - 4:00 pm
5-6-09 @ HOME - 5:00 pm
5-8-09 @ HOME - 5:00 pm
5-11-09 @ HOME - TBA
5-13-09 @ HOME - TBA
5-15-09 @ GR Christian - 4:30 pm
5-18-09 @ HOME - TBA
5-22-09 @ WMC - 5:00 pm

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dear Mr. Cook,

Dear Mr. Cook,
I am sorry that my class was so loud that you had to tell us almost 3 or 4 times to be quiet. I am very glad you are our bus driver. Thank you!

Dear Mr. Cook,
You are a very great bus driver! I don't know what we would do without you! I mean, then we wouldn't be able to go on field trips!! And we also were very loud, especially in the back. But, I do admit that I WAS in the back, and I was a bit loud sometimes. I'm not saying names, but the other people in the back were squealing, laughing, screaming, and yelping. I almost got a headache.
Once Again, I'm sorry for what my class and I did. you're a very great Bus Driver.
Your friend,

Dear Mr. Cook,
I'm sorry that I was kind of loud at times. I'm glade to have you as a bus driver. I'v also been on a school bus even louder than that it had teenagers down all the way to kindergarten and they were really really loud.

Dear Mr. Cook,
I'm sorry that my class and I were loud in your bus. To help with this problem, I will use and indoor voice. Thank you for being our bus driver.

Dear Dad,
I'm sorry our class was noisy on the bus. Thanks for being our bus driver.
PS: What is the buses name? Perhaps the big rolling terd?

Dear Uncle Dan,
I'm really sorry the way that me and my class acted. Im sorry for knot useing inside voices. Thank you for being our bus driver.
Your knefew Andrew
PS: Thank you for letting us shoot the gun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The REAL Life in a day of the Cooks

SO, I was thinking of NOT posting this, but after re-reading it, I had to.
It is such an example of - THE REAL LIFE in a DAY of the COOKS -

Scene: Mom in Mexico, Tyler in Michigan - Chatting online..... Enjoy!

10:18 PM Tyler: HI haven fun
10:19 PM me: hello!!!
How is your eye/nose?
Tyler: lol
10:20 PM me: we miss you guys - can you still run??
Tyler: idk
i hop i gdet beter be 4 mon day
ge t
me: for practice?
Tyler: ya
me: what were you trying to do??
Tyler: when
10:21 PM me: when you hurt your knee
Tyler: i was on roneds
me: bike
Tyler: ya
me: ouch - did you fall off?
Tyler: i was tring to do a whelley and fell
10:22 PM me: ouch!
Tyler: it was cool 4 like 4 sec then i feel
me: oh bummer!! that sucks - were you at grandmas?
Tyler: ya but now i am at grama kims
10:23 PM me: That sounds fun! Tell everyone we said hi!!
Tyler: ok and when kt was sening you a email and the door brock idk if u got that
10:24 PM me: Ya I did! That is funny - bad things keep happening today to you!!!
10:25 PM Tyler: i no jamey had brock it cas she punch it and i tucht it and it fell in
me: ok - so it wasn't entirely your fault ??
10:26 PM Tyler: no icsept that when it fell it hit my ancel and the botel snapt so did my ancel jk
me: Oh my goish! on the same leg as the knee injury??
Tyler: no
me: So you have both legs out of commission
10:27 PM Guess What?
Tyler: what that c word and what
me: There are monkeys here, you can get your picture taken & I sat on a DONKEY tonight and got a picture taken with it. An ASS
Tyler: lol
me: lol alright
Tyler: and can u ceep the monkey
10:28 PM :)
me: nope :(
Tyler: :(
me: Bummer....
Tyler: :(:)
i mad a monkey
me: But I can keep the ASS
Tyler: lol
me: :(:(
Tyler: (:):(
10:29 PM :(:)
me: How do you make an ASS?
Tyler: is this dad
me: no
it's mom, believe it or not
Dad couldn't type this fast
Tyler: u sed ASS thow
10:30 PM me: Because I am talking about the DONKEY = besides, dad couldn't spell ASS, anyway.
Tyler: lol
me: Dad is watching tv!!
Tyler: )( THERE A ASS
me: LOL
Good one t
10:31 PM C IT
me: Dad saw it, but he is not laughing, because he doesn't understand our joke about the ASS
10:32 PM Tyler: LOL well me and kt r gunu whach tv and tell dad i got a nuw x box game it is cald black i all most bet it whith jame
10:33 PM me: Ok - have fun watching TV!!
Love you guys!
Tyler: it was onley 17$ at that plas by starbuskes
me: COOL!!
Tyler: love u to and i am sher u dont car
10:34 PM so that is y i sed tell dad
love u good nit
me: I care., and Dad said cool
Love you Good nIght!
Tyler: and what was tha 1 c word
me: I dont rememeber...........
10:35 PM Tyler: commision
or sopin
me: Oh, Out of Commission - Like Out of Order - doesn't work
Tyler: ookkk
lol well love u good nit
me: love you good night!!
10:36 PM Tyler: <3>3<3
me: <3

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We made it!

AHHHH...... Real sunshine!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm getting excited.... feel some REAL sunshine!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

You know you're addicted to STARBUCKS when...

One of the 2nd graders, CARLY, went home one day after school. She told her dad she was really hungry because she hadn't eaten lunch that day. Her dad said, "Why didn't you go down to the office and call me? I would've brought you a lunch!" Carly said, "Because Mrs. Cook's phone always smells like STARBUCKS - Eeww.."


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Easter (a little early)

Dan and I will be out of town this year for EASTER. It is Eyli's favorite Holiday - so we are celebrating EASTER this weekend instead of next.
Today we colored Easter Eggs with Dominic and Brecken, who came home for a visit!!

'Dan'erism of the week...

Only this time,
it came out of Eyli's mouth.

"We're off, like a dirty dishwasher"

It was only so long before her dad started rubbing off on her.